The Creative Operations Podcast 2.0

Episode 11 - DAM 101: The Top 3 Questions to Consider When Choosing a DAM

Episode Summary

Today, Digital Asset or Brand-Asset Management systems come in all shapes and sizes—from free file-sharing tools to multi-million dollar software suites. In fact, a recent review of the DAM category revealed more than 80 different vendors, each with dozens or even hundreds of options to choose from in terms of feature sets and configurations. So, how are you supposed to choose a DAM that fits your needs nicely—without cramping your brand’s style down the road? In this episode of the Creative Operations Podcast, we’ll suggest three key issues to consider.

Episode Notes

Show Highlights:


The problems that a DAM solves:

“Duplication of assets, more and more time spent hunting and pecking for assets. Those are the kinds of problems that usually lead a creative operations team to look for a DAM.”

The different case uses of DAM:

“Depending on the complexity of your needs, as you evaluate it, you'll be able to ask your DAM vendors to show you those different use cases. So think inside and outside and think simple and complex.”

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