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Episode 18 - Blending Franchise Brand Integrity and Local Flair With Ashley Mitchell

Episode Summary

You don't want to miss this CMO Game Changer! Leading the marketing function at Streamline Brands, Ashley is responsible for marketing all aspects of the business, which includes consumer marketing for franchises and company-owned schools, franchise development, and M&A for all brands in the Streamline Brand portfolio. Leading incredible brands such as SafeSplash, Saf-T-Swim, Swimtastic, and SwimLabs, Ashley shares her personal experience in managing multiple brands at the same time, what challenges await you, and how they can be handled, while getting franchisees to live their brand.

Episode Notes

Show Highlights:


ASHLEY: Maintaining the balance of brand integrity and local flair

“The biggest thing is making sure that everyone understands that they're responsible for the experience in their market, and they're responsible for understanding their market and what will resonate. But then what are those things that are inside that brand box that they can do with, though, we try to be very cognizant and all of our messaging and all of our materials to have multiple options so that people can decide.

ASHLEY: How to get the franchisees to live the brand

“The biggest way to do it is to really, it starts with training, and then empowering your people to do what needs to be done to really execute on your brand in that market. And maybe that comes from the Disney in me of you know, when I worked for Disney, everyone knows what Disney stands for. And everybody knows, there are a lot of guidelines and a lot of red tapes sometimes. But the reason behind it is because Disney is Disney.”


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